Dermafil for Dental Esthetics

Dermafil for Dental Esthetics

Providing allure and consistency to a smile can be done through the process of dental aesthetics or commonly known as cosmetic dentistry. This method denotes a collection of dental procedures that are carefully sketched out to bolster the smile of someone and fix up cracked, chipped, and choppily teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can be done in various ways specifically through tooth fillings and porcelain veneers which can effectively restore the health of your teeth. While these specific procedures have shown their effectiveness, we always aim to be a step ahead of everyone and we look to do just that with the help of our dermafil.

What is Dermafil

What is Dermafil?

Dermafil is a product uniquely crafted to be administered to the skin to rehabilitate wrinkles and problems concerning the body. It is made up of hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that commonly occurs in the body. It has been clinically confirmed to enhance appearances as well as wear down the signs of aging.

According to several studies, a dermafil has the incredible power of lessening any visible wrinkles thus making the user look even much younger than before. In addition, dermafil is brought into play when healing smile lines, smoker lines, and marionette lines. Furthermore, dermafils have also been used to fatten up the thinness in the area near the lower cheek, repair and develop the shape of the cheeks, and plonking down thin lips while taking the edge off out of the vertical edges that are surrounding the borders of the lips.

Dermafil Procedure

What to Expect During a Dermafil Procedure

At Anthem Family Dentist, dermafil is predominantly pressed into service in dental procedures such as tooth whitening, fillings, dental veneers, porcelain fillings and crowns, white stains, and micro abrasions. Moreover, our dermafil has been clinically designed as a less disturbing substitute for treating high lip line and at the same time being utilized to cure orthodontic problems where the rehabilitation of the facial muscles has been decisive to the process of recovery.

Once you have been proven eligible to undergo the method, we will be administering a dermafil injectable gel to the affected area using a fine needle. The needle will briefly dam up the area, thus resulting in it to give the appearance of a much smoother surface. The injection process is expected to take less than 20 minutes.

Dermafil Treatment

Having a dermafil treatment with Anthem Family Dentist has shown signs of brilliance as the results of the specific procedure can be seen immediately. However, before bearing with the whole process, it is best to schedule a consultation appointment with Anthem Family Dentist. During the appointment, one of the dentists at Anthem Family Dentist will be going over your medical history and discuss every phase of the procedure which includes the positive and the negative effects and the risks that go around with the whole method.

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